Drone Autopilot Software

Welcome to INAV!

14 Nov 2016

INAV is a firmware to control multicopter and fixed-wing UAVs.

Works on wide range of flight control boards
Flies way-point missions even on a CC3D board
Supports fixed-wing UAVs and multirotors in one firmware
Doesn't require GPS - works perfectly on racing drones

Started in 2015 as a small hobby project for personal needs INAV grew into something bigger - an entry-level autopilot for R/C enthusiast community.

Designed to run on a large variety of hardware it can fly almost anything that flies - from a small R/C airplane to a big hexacopter drone. While using a cheapest possible hardware it still offers a lot of cool features:

  • Return to launch both by pilot command and R/C link loss
  • Hold position and altitude modes
  • Way-point autonomous flight
  • Flight stabilisation and guidance
  • INAV is also a perfect fit for a racing drone

Moreover, INAV is 100% open source, meaning you don’t get any hidden or proprietary code there.