Drone Autopilot Software

A sneak peek into INAV 1.5

07 Dec 2016

Hi friends!

Just wanted to share what’s going on regarding development of INAV 1.5:

  • A nasty bug with GPS/Baro fusion is going to be nailed (again, I hope this will be a final fix).
  • OSD support for boards that have it (Airbot AIO boards).
  • I2C on Naze32 and other targets is going to be more reliable.
  • Low resolution resolution issue in ACRO mode is going to be fixed.
  • And as always, lots of minor bug fixes and clean ups.

Stay tuned for INAV 1.5 “Happy New Year” release! Happy flying!


INAV 1.4 Released

28 Nov 2016

I’m happy to announce official release of INAV 1.4.

Binaries available at GitHub.

INAV 1.4 has some significant differences from 1.3, please read the release notes carefully and upgrade INAV Configurator available at Chrome Store.


INAV 1.4-RC1 released

21 Nov 2016

I’m happy to announce release of first Release Candidate or INAV 1.4.

Download binaries at GitHub and please carefully read release notes.


Upcoming INAV 1.4-RC1

14 Nov 2016

A small teaser for those who are interested in what’s going to be included in INAV 1.4.

  • Better compass/GPS co-existence on fixed-wing UAVs
  • Better PID scaling for fixed-wing UAVs for more stable flight at any throttle value
  • Launch mode for fixed-wing UAVs to help you launch your airplane
  • Airbot F4 / Flip F4 board support
  • Asynchronous Gyro/PID update - better performance on racing drones
  • Safety feature to disable motor/servo outputs until you explicitly enable them - to prevent damage to servos when flashing with erase