Drone Autopilot Software

INAV 1.8-RC1 Released

17 Oct 2017

I’m happy to announce that INAV 1.8-RC1 has been released. This is a release-candidate for upcoming version 1.8.

Note, that you’ll need a new INAV Configurator which is available as a Chrome App or as a standalone application for Windows or MacOS

Most notable changes in this version:

  • Heavily reworked OSD
  • SmartAudio and Trump VTX
  • Real date/time in OSD and logs (taken from GPS)
  • A number of smaller improvements

If you like INAV and feel like supporting it - please consider supporting the pledge on Patreon or making an one-time donation on PayPal. You support regardless of it’s form will help making INAV better, safer and easier to use! If you are not in position to make a donation - just keep using INAV, reporting bugs and help make INAV more polular!

Fly safe! INAV team