Drone Autopilot Software

Welcome to INAV!

14 Nov 2016

INAV is a firmware to control multicopter and fixed-wing UAVs.

Works on wide range of flight control boards
Flies way-point missions even on a CC3D board
Supports fixed-wing UAVs and multirotors in one firmware
Doesn't require GPS - works perfectly on racing drones


INAV 1.6 PIFF Controller

14 Feb 2017

While INAV 1.6 is just a few weeks away I’d like to highlight a brand new stabilisation controller for fixed-wing aircrafts - the PIFF.

So why invent a yet another controller if we already have a PID (although it’s recommended to zero-out D-gain turning it into a PI-controller)?

Let’s talk about it.

This article is also available in Russian


INAV 1.5 Released

31 Dec 2016

While the year of 2016 is coming to an end so is another cycle in INAV development and we are happy to present you the result - INAV 1.5!

Featuring a lot more safety features the new firmware will protect you from flying with disconnected or uncalibrated sensors and in many other cases where it’s unsafe to leave the ground.


INAV 1.5-RC1 released

19 Dec 2016

I’m happy to announce release of first Release Candidate or INAV 1.5.

Download binaries at GitHub. Please also update your INAV Configurator and carefully read release notes - many things changed (as usual).

Thanks for using INAV! Happy flying!


STM32 VirtualComPort driver for Windows

07 Dec 2016

Virtual Com Port, VCP to method of choice for almost all recent flight controllers to connect to PCs. No more onboard USB-to-UART converters like CP2102. SMT32 can work as USB device too after all… But for this, Windows users will require dedicated driver.

I have no idea why STMicroelectronics made it so hard do download and use STM32 VCP driver for Windows so hard. You have to register, confirm and then you can download, install package and look for the driver on HDD… Why, oh why…

So, to fix this issue, here it is: STM VCP driver for Windows as a zip, ready for download. Just unzip.

Original article by Dziku.


A sneak peek into INAV 1.5

07 Dec 2016

Hi friends!

Just wanted to share what’s going on regarding development of INAV 1.5:

  • A nasty bug with GPS/Baro fusion is going to be nailed (again, I hope this will be a final fix).
  • OSD support for boards that have it (Airbot AIO boards).
  • I2C on Naze32 and other targets is going to be more reliable.
  • Low resolution resolution issue in ACRO mode is going to be fixed.
  • And as always, lots of minor bug fixes and clean ups.

Stay tuned for INAV 1.5 “Happy New Year” release! Happy flying!